Phoebe's Gift

Phoebe's Gift
Gifted to me while on Retreat at John's River Vally Camp

Saturday, March 17, 2012

What's the Thing with Attorneys? There Atta be a LAW.

I had the worst experience with attorney's summer '11 while estate planning.  When I went to a financial planner he told me I MUST speak with an attorney. The attorney wanted to put the estate in THREE pockets: an LLC, a disclaimer clause, and under title. He wanted to divide the estate in three parts. We'd asked him to put it in a living trust, but he made out the paper work to disperse. Anyway we had him correct it, but then he did not correct the paper work. What was he trying to pull?? Like was he trying to abscond with the estate so he could have complete control over it.  After reviewing, I fired him and canceled check(s). And realized in retrospect that - when he looked at the trust he only looked at WHAT HE WANTED TO GLEAM OUT OF IT, not having even listened to our requests.

The second attorney filed the deed correctly, I think.

The third attorney, talked on and on the phone about an item in the trust that he wanted to talk about not the item I was asking him to council me about.  Then wanted to charge me huge bucks for every penny. His web site said charges would be discussed in advance of billing, but there was no discussion. He wrote nothing up for us. I paid him something, but then had to write my own addendum so as to clarify on the information he blabbered on about. He was fired of course.

No wonder our country is in such a mess, looks whose representing the people, crappy, flunky attorneys!


Susanna Gross said...

Maybe the real problem is, their goal is to make the most money, they don't plan to become your personal lawyer, and make reasonable fees from a longer term business relationship. It reminds me of the recent Goldman Sacks scandal. said...

Good point Sue, Also I made the naive mistake to assume any lawyer would be synonymous with ethical meaning that their advice would be given to our benefit and not for their sol benefit via monetary gain.