Phoebe's Gift

Phoebe's Gift
Gifted to me while on Retreat at John's River Vally Camp

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

New Revelations Premised on Years of Failure

It's been a long time! It's been like forever, but finally, I am back to share more about Alfred's recovery. It has not been going well. The provider agent who met with us left her post in 2015 at the agency, which meant she stopped meeting with us. For over one year, we'd meet informally over breakfast about once a month. Just as she was leaving, I attempted to get Al to agree to services, but the provider agent failed us. She did NOT bring the paperwork; it was too late when she returned later with it. Al was not in the mood. So one year's worth of meetings was wasted on incompetence and lack of care. She was not a certified peer support specialist, not being paid, but just meeting out of the kindness of her heart. No obligations to have anything successful happen. At that time seven years ago, I was defeated in my efforts at helping Al on his road to recovery, so I dropped it, and I drooped this blog. He told me he did not want to talk to someone else. But now, I am seeing a sea change heading my way, building on years of failure, advocacy building, and talking to others who care about the issue of meaningful recovery. Stay tuned for updates and revelations! 

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