Phoebe's Gift

Phoebe's Gift
Gifted to me while on Retreat at John's River Vally Camp

Thursday, November 12, 2015

(7) DSS Assessment continued, part 2

Then she asked me about the budget and I was ready. Extra money for Alfred went for his gas to town, heat for his cabin, and occasional meals out. In 1997 mom discovered that she had to give a small inheritance of under 2,000 from Alfred's grandmother to a local funeral home because Alfred was not to have any money in his name otherwise he'd loss Medicaid and his SSI check.  So today the funeral home has this money given to Alfred by his grandmother. As I see it this is part of the governments commitment to keeping the mentally ill poor and incarcerated.

Also, I have been involved with National Alliance on Mental Illness for over ten years, around 2007 I heard about something called a Special Needs Trust. The concept lingered in my mind until 2012 when after my mother's passing, I found an estate attorney to redo the poorly written revocable trust. So my dad at ninety-eight years old of sound mind, and I went in to see an estate attorney and I asked him about a Special Needs Trust for Alfred.  Today, Alfred has a SNT that protects the safety net that his parents gave him. Government can not take away his housing, nor budget away his support system.

The Social Worker and I also discussed guardianship. I learned at the Nami State Conference that there are three types of guardianship: Full, Trust, and health. We discussed the options and I figured maybe it would work best if social services had guardianship of Alfred's health. So I discussed this with the  social worker and she said even DSS does not force people to do things under their guardianship and I said good as I too do not want Alfred forced, I want his agreement. We left it at that.

Before heading over to Alfred's house I told the social worker, Alfred does not have a gun. She said she had been treatened with a knife before and I told her Alfred would not do that. We entered his cabin, introductions were made, she looked Alfred squarely in the eye and her preliminary assessment began.  She disclosed to Alfred that an Adult Protective Services Complaint had been issued and Alfred looked at me. I asked him about his decaying teeth and he told the SW that dentists kill people. She said this would be just and ordinary regular dentist.

Her main concern with the cabin was the inoperable smoke detector and I told her I would put in a new battery. When we left the cabin she said medication could make a big difference for him and she was going to talk to her supervisor, away she drove. I am waiting to hear back from them.  Not sure how long this will will take. Nov 6 Jefferson Post reported the day after the social worker left that the DSS director is retiring and commissioners are considering dissolving the oversight board of DSS and so the future of DSS is under consideration and according to the paper DSS will survive however it's BOD may not. According to one person the purpose of dissolving the board would be to improve it's operating system. 

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