Phoebe's Gift

Phoebe's Gift
Gifted to me while on Retreat at John's River Vally Camp

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

(5) More on The Big Clean Up Then, 2011

In 2011 besides removing debris from the ravine behind Alfred's cabin, the inside of his cabin would need some attention too, however this would have to be done clandestinely so once again I employed Richard and Robert to clean for a day. Richard from my church had some experience with mental illness because his x-wife had a diagnosis, and Robert had actually been in my National Alliance on Mental illness family-to-family class in deep gap ten years earlier so I vaguely remembered he and his wife, and he remembered me, and we all knew families could have problems because our families all had problems.

This had to be an clandestine operation because while Alfred granted only me access to his cabin for things like repairing his TV, he would get very upset and indignant if anyone else were to enter.

So R and R's clandestine operation began when I gave them a spare key and drove Alfred to Boone for the afternoon. Richard reported that the pipe attached to the washing machine had been removed so moist air spewed on top of hot water from the shower to create a black mold carpet which was growing out of Alfred's bathroom, into the pantry and had make it all the way to the living room.

Richard also assessed that the washer and dryer, a high quality Maytag were not working to maximum capacity. So this would have to be dealt and we set up a second clandestine operation for Richard to remove the machines, repair or replace to get them functioning again.

By the last clandestine operation I didn't need to take Alfred to Boone because he would be watching TV at the big house oblivious to whatever we were attempting to accomplish at his house because Alfred only minimally noticed that his house was cleaner, and did not make any significant observations or have an concerns about things in his house being different after it had been cleaned.

And so Richard and Robert had a good time helping me through this, while getting paid.   They had broad smiles when they finished and even joked about Alfred's "cutlery" in his cabin. Yes, mother had fully furnished Alfred's cabin after it was built in 2000 and my folks told Alfred to go live in it, and that's what he did.
Richard and Robert one haul of several

Later I very seldom entered Alfred's cabin after TV's went from annotated to digital because I could not do the upgrade so we had run into a bump in the road, Alfred still would not allow a repair person to enter his cabin so I had to cut off his service. Later I gave Alfred permission to come to the big house when I was away to watch TV. This solution has worked.

After this 2011 Big Clean up I occasionally asked Alfred if he was washing his clothing and I even offered to clean it in the machine at the big house. He always refused. And as time passed, I dropped the ball, hoping that he'd keep his own house clean. It did stay clean for a while.

Today Nov 10, 2015 a second resurgence begins, I must do my part in Alfred's recovery and this time he agreed to having his cabin cleaned. So while Alfred watches TV,  a cleaning lady will be asked to spend several hours scrubbing his bathroom while I dust and vacuum etc. The cleaning lady comes this morning, I hope she doesn't run from the sight. This must be a regular activity. I will supply gloves.

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