Phoebe's Gift

Phoebe's Gift
Gifted to me while on Retreat at John's River Vally Camp

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

(8) DSS Returned Today

Nov 17, 2015:
They went directly over to Alfred's house this time, and I saw them on Alfred's porch and heard Alfred yelling, so I opened a window in the pantry so I could hear what was being said.  Alfred was yelling at them, he has a master's degree, he is a poet....critiquing the social workers, "wow!" reaction saying what does that mean, that does not compute, and continuing on saying things like there are no police and finally get out of here and so on.

A few yards away from Alfred's house, as they walked away, I approached them, we shook hands. They said that he fits in their category of a person who is not assessing mental health services, and is self-neglecting and refusing medical help. Dawn noticed that one additional tooth was gone from his mouth since her visit last week. They also said that if I wanted to get Alfred an assessment the police would probably have to pick him up to take him to a psychiatrist, after an assessment he would be given a court order and he who would probably be declared incompetent, and then he could be appointed a guardian. My folks did something similar to this in 2000 and had him put in Cannon Memorial Hospital in Linvelle where he got a diagnosis which got him an additional safety net besides the family. I am on the second leg of this journey they could not and would not take, guardianship.

The social worker said that she had seen things get nasty.  They told me I did not have to decide now, it was up to me, and I told her I would call her while thinking there must be another way. After they left I was uncertain as to how guardianship, either mine or and appointed person would actually help Alfred in his recovery.  I think it would be much better to get his cooperation so he would not loss his human rights. But how to accomplish this, how to get him to care about himself.

Since Alfred is sixty-five, has become a hermit and has gone many years without medications, my thoughts of his recovery are waning.  For what end would his recovery be, to return to work odvioulsy not, to become useful to society, probably not he seems to have no vision for himself of usefulness or membership in the human race.  I think he would be recovering to go to an appointment for improved physical health care such as a routine exam, and dental care. The big question is what is the larger goal for him and I am not hearing any answers, not from him, not from anywhere so I am re-thinking the notion of recovery for Alfred. At least at this time he is on DSS radar and there could be strength in this for him. I will have to call Dawn and talk to some NAMI folks.  I said this would not be easy. 

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